Lily Allen responds to the Sun's double page spread on her

Lily Allen

Lily Allen has responded to a double page spread in The Sun that claimed her life was spiralling out of control.

The article comes a day after the singer was forced to play down fears about her health after being photographed passed out at the Notting Hill Carnival.

The Sun claims the 31-year-old has gone from "budding star" to "tortured soul" thanks to a "debauched decade".

It also claimed her friends are "fearing she's headed for a fall".

The singer had made her followers aware it was coming on Tuesday night and had changed her Twitter display name to Dramatic Collapser in reference to the earlier story about her "dramatic collapse" at the carnival.

Once the article was published, she retweeted more posts from supporters including Charlotte Church who told her to "party on sister".

But she then announced she would be steering clear of the internet for a while.

However, on reflection there was clearly more to say and she posted a final response to the Sun article referencing the owner of the paper, Rupert Murdoch.

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