Rio gold medallist Chris Mears' double life as a dance DJ

Chris Mears

Chris Mears is the new poster boy for British diving after his gold medal.

But if sport falls through, he might have a big future in dance music.

Mears took Britain's first ever diving gold at the Rio Olympics alongside best friend Jack Laugher in the men's synchronised three-metres springboard final.

In 2009 he was given just a 5% chance of survival after his spleen ruptured and he lost five pints of blood during emergency surgery.

He didn't spend his recovery time feeling sorry for himself, he spent it making beats.

At the time Chris was told he would most likely never dive again, so it's understandable he would be looking into alternative career options.

Chris Mears
Image caption His DJ flyers aren't a million miles from his poses next to the pool

Turns out, he is pretty good at it too.

He released an original song called Mexico in South America and you can listen to it on his Facebook page.

It wouldn't sound out of place at a David Guetta live show.

He spoke to Billboard magazine in 2015 when he released the song in the US, revealing his journey from diving through injury and into music.

"I had so much time on my hands," Mears said in the interview. "I bought a guitar and I started playing and picked things up really quickly."

"Right now I can't do these things [live gigs] obviously because my aim and my life's dream as a kid was to be an Olympic medallist," Mears says.

"So I'm still trying to make that dream come true."

He has now ticked that one off the list.

Jack Laugher and Chris Mears
Image caption Chris and Jack are Britain's first ever Olympic diving gold medal winners

Two of his mash-ups from 2014 are available online at his Soundcloud page - How I Wish You Loved Me and Find Elysium.

It also looks like there may be more music on the horizon, according to the people who do his PR.

"His love for electro music started years ago and is currently writing and producing an electronic album in between diving throughout the world," it says on the Locotalent website.

He could give Calvin Harris a run for his money with his tunes - and his abs.

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