The Maccabees are breaking up after 14 years together

Orlando Weeks performing with The Maccabees

After 14 years together, the Maccabees have announced they are splitting up.

The group say they are going their separate ways at their "creative peak".

"The decision has obviously been an incredibly difficult one, given that The Maccabees has been such a huge part of our lives until now," the band said in a statement.

Their last album, Marks to Prove It, was their first number one in the UK and they recently headlined Latitude festival.

They don't give any specific reason for breaking up but say there have been "no fallings out" and they're not leaving the group behind as a "divided force".

The five-piece group is made up of Orlando Weeks, brothers Hugo and Felix White, Rupert Jarvis and Sam Doyle.

Jamie T, Felix White and Rupert Jarvis from The Maccabees

Their first release was 2007's Colour It In, and each of their subsequent studio albums has performed better in the chart than the one before.

"It has been a rare and absolutely incredible time that we all feel very lucky to have shared," they said.

Orlando Weeks, frontman of The Maccabees
Image caption The band told Newsbeat just last month that they had "some big shows" ahead

The group, from London, recently performed at Latitude - the first festival they had ever headlined.

Before that performance, Felix told Newsbeat what the band's plans were for the rest of the year.

"We are hopefully going to do some big shows right at the end of the year which we haven't exactly worked out yet but that is going to be it," he said.

Jamie T and Orlando Weeks from The Maccabees

"It only occurred to us a while ago that we haven't had more than a week off in about 10 years as a band, so it feels like this is a nice place to stop for a bit and get a bit of our lives back."

The band say there will be some farewell celebration shows and that they all plan to continue making music.

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