YouTube star Marina Joyce denies drug use after kidnap drama

Marina Joyce

YouTube star Marina Joyce has spoken in detail about Wednesday's social media drama, when fans wrongfully believed she had been kidnapped.

She wasn't, she had just been to an early morning event in east London which is sold as a sober party.

Marina denies claims she is using drugs and blames her change in character on finding religion.

She also spoke of her delight at gaining thousands of new YouTube subscribers after the confusion.

"I realised I have to be smart about every move I make," she said in an interview with fellow YouTube star, Philip DeFranco.

"I am only used to having 600,000 subscribers, which is quite a lot, but not to having so many people pay so much attention to everything I do."

Fans initially spoke of their concern for Marina after she posted a video promoting a clothing firm, in which she seemed vacant and distant.

Some believed she was using drugs, which she strongly denies.

"I thought I was OK in the video, Every video I make I try to be as normal as possible," she says. "I promise that i'm not doing drugs."

"I really care about my viewers and that's the reason why I don't take drugs.

"I go to raves but they are drug free raves. The places I go to aren't places where you can do those sort of things."

Marina had invited followers to meet her at Morning Gloryville's regular event in Bethnal Green which promises an "immersive morning dance experience for those who dare to start their day in style."

But a lot of people thought it was a rave.

When asked about a perceived change in her personality in recent videos, she simply said that she had become both a Christian and a Buddhist.

"I became a Christian and because I had this whole spiritual quest in my life. I'm a Buddhist now," she says.

"It scared people off and because of that, people thought i'd changed but I realised I shouldn't had done that to my viewers."

Fears were also raised about bruises seen on Marina's body in recent videos but she easily explained those away as well.

She fell over in the woods: "I bruise quite easily. I had quite a fall.

"I like to go adventuring in the park."

Philip and Marina

While #SaveMarinaJoyce was trending on Twitter initially, it was later followed by #BoycottMarinaJoyce, with many people accusing Marina of faking the stunt for publicity, as she jumped to 1.3 million followers on YouTube.

Marina sees the experience as a positive one, however, and believes the new additions are due to concern for her wellbeing.

"I've got a new audience now. I'm going to get to know new friends and try out some new things," she says.

"I think they followed me because they care about saving me, not being critical.

"That's what I really love about the new subscribers, is that they really care."

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