Swedish extreme skier Matilda Rapaport dies filming Ubisoft game promo in Chile

Matilda Rapaport

Swedish professional extreme skier Matilda Rapaport has died while filming a promo for Ubisoft's new game, Steep.

The 30-year-old was caught in an avalanche in the Andes near Chile's capital Santiago.

Her sponsor Red Bull said she was skiing outside the resort town of Farellones last Thursday after a major snowstorm.

She died in hospital after suffering oxygen deprivation and brain damage following the avalanche.

"Matilda was an extraordinary athlete, travelling the world to find her passion, ride steep terrain and share her bright smile," Red Bull said in a statement.

Matilda Rapaport was an established part of the freeride skiing circuit.

It's a sport where athletes ski down steep, rocky mountain faces.

She'd appeared in numerous ski films and in magazines.

Her death happened nearly two years after the deaths of famed extreme skiers Jean-Philippe Auclair, a Canadian, and Carl Andreas Fransson, a Swede, also in an avalanche in Chile.

It also comes during a time of reflection within the extreme skiing community regarding the dangers of the sport.

In December, skiing magazine Powder published a feature article asking if professional skiers were taking too many risks.

Matilda Rapaport appeared on the cover.

She was involved in another accident involving an avalanche in Alaska last year.

Matilda got married to World Cup skier Mattias Hargin earlier this year.

The pair had their honeymoon in the Maldives before they both went back to work.

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