Video shows Justin Bieber refusing to hug a fan

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has already said he doesn't want to pose for fan photographs, now he doesn't want to get too close to his followers at all.

A video being shared on Twitter shows the singer refusing to hug a young girl.

It's the latest in a series of awkward moments between the 22-year-old and his fans.

Earlier this year he claimed he "feels like a zoo animal" and that he needed distance to "keep his sanity".

The clip shows the fan walking up to Justin as he looks around a clothes shop.

She opens her arms, indicating she wants a hug, but as she gets closer to the singer he briefly glances at her before saying "no".

As he walks off, the fan turns around to face the camera, her mouth open in shock.

Justin and his fans.
Image caption Sadly for Justin's fans, it looks like these days are no more

On Monday, Justin was unveiling a clothes collection at a department store in New York.

He later shared a photo on Instagram of him looking at a clothes rail.

A few days ago a video emerged showing Justin telling off a fan who threw a gift onto the stage while he was performing.

The footage shows the star pausing his show to tell the crowd he doesn't want presents.

Justin announced that he would no longer pose for photographs in May.

He has also cancelled meet-and-greets during a trip to Europe because he said they left him feeling "mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point of depression".

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