Rihanna breaks down crying during her Dublin concert

Rihanna crying at concert

Rihanna broke down in tears during her concert in Dublin on Tuesday after arriving 30 minutes late on stage.

The singer became emotional as she started singing the Eminem collaboration track, Love The Way You Lie.

Fans have taken to social media to post videos and pictures of the gig and express concern over what happened.

Rihanna gave no explanation as to why she got upset, other than a message on Instagram.

"What a night!!!! Such an emotional show for me!" she wrote.

"I feel so lucky to have a team like the #Navy man! I'm blessed!! No matter what I'm on you always snatch me out of it! I'm so grateful to have y'all! #DUBLIN #ANTIWORLDTOUR"

It happened on the first night of the UK and Ireland leg of her ANTI World Tour which heads to Wembley on Friday.

As she launched into the track, she can be seen turning away from the camera as she lifts up her hands to signal for a moment to compose herself.

The crowd continued to sing back at her until she wiped away the tears and carried on with the 80 minute set.

"I only have ever in my life heard an audience of people scream so loud that they sound like one voice and that only happens in Ireland, in Dublin," she told the crowd.

"Thank you so much."

Rihanna has four UK dates coming up in London, Coventry, Manchester and Glasgow.

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