Jo Cox is a 'great mate' and 'the best of British' - friends and fellow MPs react to shooting

Jo Cox
Image caption This image of Jo Cox was posted shortly after the attack by her husband, Brendan Cox

MP Jo Cox has died after she was shot and stabbed during an attack in her constituency in Leeds.

The Labour MP for Batley and Spen was targeted outside Birstall library, where she'd been meeting with local people.

A 52-year-old man has been arrested.

The 41-year-old was married with two young children.

Friends and colleagues have been reacting to the news.

She's been described as a "champion of all that is best in Britain" by shadow policing minister Jack Dromey.

"She's quite simply one of the nicest, most decent women ever to enter the house of Commons," he added.

He echoes many of her friends and fellow MPs.

Cox used to advise Sarah Brown, the wife of former prime minister Gordon Brown.

Both Jo Cox and her husband Brendan have been campaigning to remain in the EU.

Husband Brendan Cox in a dinghy with their two children on the Thames yesterday
Image caption Husband Brendan Cox in a dinghy with their two children on the Thames on Wednesday

Politicians from other parties also expressed their shock at the events in Leeds.

Home Secretary Theresa May called her one of the "brightest" and "most popular" MPs.

The prime minister said it was right that both the Leave and Remain campaigns have suspended all events for the day.

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