Fiat Argentina withdraws 'misogynistic' car manual

Fiat cars under covers

A car manual which refers to women as "co-pilots" and men as "alpha males" has been withdrawn by Fiat Argentina after complaints.

The pamphlet, which was handed to new owners with the official paperwork, also featured comments on women's legs and the length of their skirts.

In a post on the official local Twitter feed, the car company said they had never intended any "disrespect".

The handbook was criticised by Argentinean women's groups.

One of these was the organisers of a protest in Buenos Aires using the slogan #NiUnaMenos, or "not one less". Their demonstration condemned violence against women.

They shared pictures of pages from the manual on their Facebook page.

Excerpt from the manual
Image caption This reads: 'Remember to avoid sudden braking if your female companion is putting on make-up'

"If a lady's skirt is too short, we recommend that she travel in the backseat to keep our concentration," the booklet advised in the section marked "co-pilot".

"If the skirt is not that short but you tend to have a wandering hand, she should also travel behind."

These "co-pilots" should "at least have nice legs".

Advice to the driver, who is assumed to be a man, was given the title "driver with love".

It said to "behave like a gentleman, you should know that if your partner, girlfriend or squeeze (circumstantial relationship) travels with friends, you should become the chauffeur for each and every one of them, taking the spot of the alpha male and dropping each one of them safe and sound at their resting place".

Some people have used Twitter to complain about the pamphlet.

"The user's manual is unbelievable. It's full of old, misogynistic jokes," Silvina Quintans wrote to FIAT Argentina on her account.

"Remember that women also drive."

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