One Direction 'fan' phones Louis Tomlinson to threaten baby son

Louis Tomlinson

A One Direction "fan" is believed to have been recorded calling Louis Tomlinson with a threat to his baby son, Freddie.

Audio has leaked online, seemingly recorded by Louis himself.

During the brief conversation a female with an American accent says to Tomlinson: "I hope your baby dies."

A shocked Louis says he has recorded the conversation and will be passing the audio onto his lawyers.

She then panics and apologises.

Louis shared this photo on Instagram in April 2016

After receiving the threat, a shocked Louis pauses before responding to the caller.

"Did you really just say that?" he asks.

"Because luckily for you I've got you on record here so that's going to go straight to my lawyer and we'll find out who it is."

The female caller responds with "No, no, I'm sorry" before the audio is cut.

Newsbeat has approached One Direction's record label for an official statement or to confirm the leaked call's authenticity but they are yet to respond.

Since the audio was shared on Twitter, the hashtag #RespectLouis has been trending, with fans posting statements of support for the One Direction star.

Other fans drew attention to the actions of One Direction's audience online.

This photo of Louis and his son has been 'liked' 1.7 million times on Instagram

Additional calls to Louis from fans have been leaked online after an apparent leak of his personal details.

Louis became a father in January 2016 when ex-girlfriend Briana Jungwirth gave birth to their son in Los Angeles. Wild fan theories have circulated suggesting that Freddie is an elaborate hoax by the by the 1D star.

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