Vanessa Hudgens pays $1,000 over illegal rock carving fine in Arizona

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens has paid a $1,000 (£700) fine after making a carving in a rock in Arizona.

The 27-year-old posted an Instagram picture of the heart scratched into the red stone at Coconino National Forest in February.

She was on a Valentine's Day trip with her 24-year-old boyfriend Austin Butler at the time.

The couple's names were also carved into the rock in the desert town of Sedona.

The towering red rocks there are popular with tourists.

Deleted picture of Vanessa Hudgens' rock carving

The picture was taken off her page not long afterwards.

Vanessa Hudgens admitted vandalising the rock and told authorities where to find the 30cm (1ft) heart.

"She was caught in the act because she publicised it and she's famous," says Brady Smith from the National Forest Service.

"I'm sure there are others who are not famous and publicised it and we've never known."

He says carvings destroy the natural beauty of the area and "create the perception among the public it's OK to deface rock walls".

The money's been given to a volunteer group called Friends of the Forest which restores vandalised rocks by sanding them down.

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