Animal Crossing is coming to smartphones, Nintendo confirms

Animal Crossing characters

Animal Crossing is being turned into a mobile app, Nintendo has revealed.

The company also confirmed Fire Emblem, a tactical role-playing game, will soon be available on smart devices.

That's why Animal Crossing has been trending on social media, with a lot of people worried about how they will get on with normal life once it lands.

In Animal Crossing, players' characters live in a rural village populated with human-like animals. Tasks include collecting items, planting and socialising with other residents.

It's not clear exactly how Animal Crossing will work in relation to the previous console versions.

Cartoon characters changing a lightbulb

"Nintendo will design the game so that it will be connected with the world of Animal Crossing for dedicated gaming systems," an official statement explained.

"By playing both Animal Crossing games, users will find increased enjoyment."

After resisting the mobile gaming market for a long time, Nintendo began launching smartphone apps this year.

It's first, Miitomo, was unveiled last month and has so far amassed 10 million users.

Miitomo character

More social media platform than anything else, it allows users to create avatars, play minigames and chat with friends. It also offers in-app purchases.

Given the addictive nature of Animal Crossing, some fans are worried that it's not just time which will get eaten up by having the game on their phone.

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