Skepta denied entry to America after being refused a visa


Skepta has been refused entry to the US because authorities there have decided not to give him a work visa.

That means he won't be able to perform at Coachella this weekend. It was supposed to be the MC's debut at the festival.

The rest of his US tour dates might be cancelled too.

"Love to everybody that wanted to see me on tour this month, my US visa has been denied and I am not allowed in America right now," he told fans.

As well as playing Coachella this weekend, Skepta has a bunch of other US gigs lined up over the next month or so.

There's no word yet on what's happening to them but he says he's taking "forward steps" to sort it out.

So far, he hasn't said why his visa has been denied. But it is strange, given he's been touring there already in the past year.

He's far from the first artist to hit problems trying to get to the US.

Many in the music industry say it's getting harder and harder - with acts sometimes having to wait for months to get the paperwork.

Some artists also have to prove they have a certain level of success before being allowed in.

That shouldn't be a problem for Skepta - who was recently spotted in the studio with Kanye and has just announced that Pharrell will appear on his new album Konnichiwa, which is out in May.

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