Six everyday things with more sugar than Dolmio lasagne sauce

File photo of lasagne.

The people that make Dolmio sauces say some of their products should only be eaten once a week.

That's because some contain high levels of sugar, salt or fat - like Dolmio creamy white lasagne sauce, which has 3.2g of sugar per serving.

We shouldn't have more than about 90g of sugar a day including no more than 30g added sugar, according to the NHS.

A lot of everyday food has as much sugar - or more than - Dolmio lasagne sauce.

Things we may be eating every day.

Cereal - 10g sugar per bowl

Alpen cereal on supermarket shelf.

While it may be "100 per cent natural, high in fibre, low in saturated fat", and "wholegrain", there's also sugar in there.

For a 40g bowl of Alpen (not including milk) you'd be eating 10g of sugar.

Three times as much sugar as Dolmio (although of course, some of the cereal sugars are likely to be natural)

Smoothie - 26g sugar per glass

Innocent strawberry and banana smoothie on supermarket shelf.

For every 250ml glass of Innocent's strawberry and banana smoothie, there's 26g of sugar.

It's worth pointing out the sugars in this smoothie naturally come from the fruit, you would have to eat nearly ten servings of Dolmio lasagne sauce to eat the same amount of sugar.

A spokesperson for Innocent said: "Our strawberries and bananas smoothie is just fruit crushed. Fruit naturally contains sugars and because our fruit smoothies are made entirely from fruit, they contain sugars too.

"The amount of sugar in a 250ml serving of one of our smoothies is the same as you'd find in a banana and another portion of fruit. And the good news is that with our smoothies you also get lots of the positive nutrients from fruit, like vitamin C and the fibre as well."

Snack bar - 10.5g sugar each

Eat Natural brazil and sultana cereal bars on supermarket shelf.

One of these Eat Natural brazil and sultana cereal bars contains three times as much sugar as the Dolmio pasta sauce.

Eat Natural says: "We believe that the lovely dried fruit and honey in our bars gives you a delicious, naturally wholesome sweet treat.

"We also reckon that a little bit of what you fancy does you good, and believe our customers can decide when and how often to eat our bars, granolas and mueslis."

Tomato soup - 4.8g sugar for half a can

Heinz cream of tomato soup of supermarket shelf.

Fancy half a can of tomato soup for lunch?

There's 4.8g sugar in just half a can, which is more than that Dolmio's lasagne sauce.

However, a spokesman from Heinz was keen to clarify where the sugar was coming from.

He told Newsbeat: "About half as what is declared of total sugar is actually coming from the tomatoes and not added sugar. Heinz have been reducing the amount of sugar in tomato soup for the last 25 years. "

Yoghurt - 8.7g sugar per pot

Activia peach yoghurt on supermarket shelf.

For every 125g pot of this Activia zero per cent peach yoghurt, there's nearly 11g of sugar.

That's more than two servings of the lasagne sauce you're only supposed to have "once a week".

Activia told Newsbeat: "The sugar in our product is made up of three main types - the sugar that is naturally present from the milk, naturally occurring sugar from the fruit, and the sugar that is added to meet consumer taste expectations. Our product also contains important nutrients such as protein, calcium, and various minerals and vitamins."

Chocolate - 7.7g of sugar for every three squares

Cadbury dairy milk bar on supermarket shelf.

If you had just three squares of Cadbury Dairy Milk then you'd be eating 7.7g of sugar.

And if you wanted a individual 45g bar, you'd be looking at eating 25g of sugar - which is just 5g less than the recommended amount of added sugar for the whole day.

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