Skepta reveals new album Konnichiwa is due out on 6 May


Skepta has revealed that his long awaited album, Konnichiwa, will be released on 6 May.

The grime MC made the announcement on Instagram on Wednesday after posting a photo of the album cover.

Fans of the artist have been waiting for a new album for almost five years.

He has been working with The Streets front man Mike Skinner on the record.

It was originally due out in March 2015.

Skepta also released the track list for his fourth album.

It does not feature artist names so guest stars could yet be revealed, but fans say they have spotted little hints in his Instagram post.

For example, the logo of Drake's record label, the OVO owl, can be seen drawn inside the O of 'Shutdown'.

The new album caps off a good 12 months for the Londoner.

Skepta has recently been busy with shows across America and has been leading the way for grime music over in the US.

He has also been seen in the studio with Kanye West and, in February, Drake announced that he had signed to Skepta's Boy Better Know label.

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