Kanye West reps pay for Sydney mural to be destroyed

Kanye West mural

An artist in Sydney, Australia, has painted over his own mural of Kanye West kissing himself.

Scott Marsh has destroyed the Kanye Loves Kanye artwork after reportedly being offered $100,000 by the rapper's representatives.

The mural was based on an edited image of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

In an earlier Instagram post, Scott Marsh had suggested that he'd also asked for a lifetime supply of Kanye's Yeezy Boosts.

Scott Marsh was selling prints of the mural for $40 before painting it over.

He claims someone from Yeezy's management team contacted him and offered to pay him to remove the painting.

He told Life Without Andy: "I was contacted by someone claiming to be his management offering me a five figure sum to paint over the mural.

"I asked for six figures and a lifetime supply of Yeezy Boosts, they are yet to respond."

The naked Kim Kardashian mural in Sydney.
Image caption The mural of a naked Kim Kardashian is on the same Sydney street as the Kanye Loves Kanye art

A mural of Kim Kardashian, which is on a wall opposite the Kanye West one, is due to be painted over as well.

Sydney's city council ordered it to be removed because it says the owner of Zigi's art, wine and cheese bar - which it's painted on - didn't apply for development consent before it was put up.

Another artist called Lushsux has created two similar Kim Kardashian murals in his home town of Melbourne, which are inspired by the reality star's naked selfies.

It might be gone, but Scott doesn't want members of the public to forget the mural.

He's left Kanye's finger on the wall as a tribute.

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