Music could start being censored while you listen to it


Until recently, getting hold of Kanye's new album was pretty tough.

A family-friendly version of The Life Of Pablo is even harder to get your hands on.

But there could be technology on the way that automatically removes strong language from music (and strongly-worded) audio books whilst they're being played.

Apple has been given the rights to work on a system that detects swear words in audio as someone listens to it.

The patent includes details of how "unwanted audio may be removed during audio playback" and "may be replaced with alternate audio, such as non-explicit lyrics, a beep or silence".

ipod headphones

It also suggests the technology will be able to pick up "explicit words while playing an audio streams" on Apple products.

It's been given the catchy title of "Management, Replacement and Removal of Explicit Lyrics during Audio Playback," and was filed in September 2014 before being published on 31 March.

Although a swear-filter might be exciting for some, it's worth pointing out that Apple, like many companies, applies for loads of patents but not all of them make it to market.

Companies also file patents to prevent someone else beating them to put it on the market.

Even if Apple do choose to use auto-censorship system it's possible it would be used as a parental control feature and not something that permanently affects all streams.

All that's certain for now is that the technology is out there and that Apple have the rights to work on it.

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