We still can't quite watch Emma Watson trying to beat box - but we appreciate that she tried

Emma Watson

She's a global film star celebrated for her acting talent and her work with the United Nations.

But, there's one thing Emma Watson has proved she can't do - and that's beat boxing.

In fact, before being filmed free styling with US rapper, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the 25-year-old freely admitted it's not her strong point.

"This is going to be so bad," the Harry Potter star said.

"Do I cover my mouth, so I don't spit at you?" Emma asked.

She was interviewing the Broadway singer and composer as part of the United Nation's HeForShe Arts Week to raise awareness of gender equality.

As a UN women goodwill ambassador one of Emma's biggest projects is working towards gender equality.

Emma Watson and Lin-Manuel Miranda

She's spoken out strongly in the past about feminism and empowering women and girls.

Now, she's proved she'll do pretty much anything to get the message out there.

When Lin-Manuel Miranda asks what he's free styling about Emma replies: "Gender equality.... feminism."

"Ok, so what kind of beat do you want slow or fast?" she asks then bursts out laughing.

It might not be her finest work - and although she went bright red - she was definitely digging the lyrics.

"I'm so embarrassed right now, I'm literally the colour of a tomato," she says.

"That was amazing, the best ever... and no one ever ask me to do that again."

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