So when is International Men's Day? Richard Herring knows

A man shouting on the phone

Every year on International Women's Day Twitter fills up with angry men annoyed that there is no International Men's Day.

However there is a flaw in their argument: that there is one. It's on 19 November and has been for years.

Comedian Richard Herring has been VERY busy on Twitter pointing this out.

19 November circled

He's responding to every tweet he can find on the matter - and gently, factually putting them right.

It looks like it's going to be a busy day....

He has been doing it for hours.

Harshil then thanked the comedian.

The comedian then got back on to his job for the day, reminding people when International Men's Day is.

If you are in any doubt International Men's Day is on 19 November, we did actually tell you last year.

We spoke to Jamal Edwards about why he supports International Men's Day. Which is on 19 November.

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