Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris mark first anniversary with Snapchat cake

Cake and Taylor Swift

They're arguably one of music's biggest power couples, but Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are keeping things adorably simple when it comes to marking their first anniversary.

Calvin posted a Snapchat video of a special cake, which looks like it was made by the couple themselves.

In it Calvin says: "We got a one year cake. It's been one year. Yay!" while Taylor smiles and nods.

Taylor also posted a photo of an engraved locket she got from Calvin.

The couple's brown cake featured white icing saying "one year" and red love hearts.

It wasn't long before fans tweeted the video and said congratulations to the pair.

Taylor Swift showed off the engraved locket she got from Calvin Harris on her Instagram, saying "3.6.15 One year down!" - which finally confirms the couple did start dating in March last year.

The pop star's post led to many fans sharing their own ideas about what might be inside the locket.

Their milestone comes after a report in The Sun that says Calvin, who's from Dumfries, won't collaborate with his other half.

It's after he recorded music with ex-girlfriend Rita Ora, which was never released after the pair split up.

In 2015 it was revealed the couple earn more than Jay Z and Beyonce, taking the top spot on a Forbes list, with a combined income of $146m (£92m).

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