Tinder reveals top 15 right-swiped jobs in America

A lonely person is going to open Tinder

If you tweet for a living you're more attractive than a model - and students are more desirable than lawyers.

Tinder has revealed the top 15 most right-swiped jobs for men and women in America after adding the job title option in November.

The firm looked at the ratio of users' swipes over three months.

People who are into men are apparently most likely to choose pilots. The most right-swiped women are physical therapists.

And we note that many of the most popular jobs involve uniform.

"TV/radio personality" also scores highly, so if you're single and famous then you should probably start online dating.

Nick Grimshaw
Image caption Grimmy's swipe-able Beckham brow

If you're not, is your lack of dating success down to your unsexy job?

Here's the full list...

A full list of the most attractive jobs according to Tinder

We're pretty shocked there are no online journalists or radio reporters on there.

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