Strava artist draws pictures with his bike and GPS

A GPS drawing of a Mermaid

A Canadian cyclist is creating incredible works of art using his bike and a GPS computer.

Stephen Lund is one of a number of "Strava artists" who use the cycling app to do a whole lot more than just seeing how fast they can go.

He plots a route and then uses GPS to track his ride. When uploaded to Strava, the route shows up as a picture or a message.

Stephen calls them GPS doodles.

He's ridden thousands of miles to create his images. These are just some of our favourites...

A GPS drawing a of dragon slayer
Image caption Dragon slayer

Sometimes Stephen has to plot the route upside down to make use of natural features - for example, using a circular road as an eye.

He started doing these "doodles" just over a year ago on the streets of Victoria, British Columbia.

Speaking to Cycling Weekly, he said: "After this my bike was no longer a bike, it was a crimson-dipped paintbrush and the entire city was my canvass."

A gps drawing of Darth Vader
Image caption Darth Vader - obviously

Stephen is a cycling nut. On his website, he says last year he cycled 22,300 km (13,856 miles).

A gps drawing of a T-Rex

"It's 56% of the distance around the world at the equator. It's 0.6% of the distance from Earth to the moon," says Stephen.

"It's like riding in a straight line, straight across Canada and the Atlantic Ocean, from Victoria, BC, to London, England…then back to Victoria…then back over to London again."

A gps drawing of a man pulling a croc from the sea

Despite all that time in the saddle, he insists it only works out as a couple of hours cycling a day.

A gps drawing of a rodeo rider

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