5SOS fans react online after magazine chat

5 Seconds of Summer
Image caption No official comment yet from 5SOS about the article or the Twitter storm surrounding it

Shock, rage, amusement, total denial.

We're seeing a range of emotions from the 5SOS fandom, after an interview with the boys in Rolling Stone magazine was leaked online ahead of its scheduled publication in January.

The band appear naked and covered in graffiti on the cover, and the chat inside isn't any less revealing.

The magazine quotes Luke Hemmings as saying, "when you put 4 young dudes on a tour bus, playing theaters, then arenas, you're going to have sex with a lot of girls."

The article goes on: "'We had a good time.' Multiple girls in one night? 'Feel like I shouldn't says' he says with a smirk. 'You could say the possibility of this is high. The possibilities are endless.'"

Calum Hood's also quoted, joking about a naked Snapchat picture of him that turned up online in 2014: "Now, I'm just working on sex tape. I'll call Pamela up, like 'Hey, it's been awhile. We really need to hype this band up!"

The initial reaction from some fans seems to have been shock and disappointment - but others quickly hit back with support for the band and within hours the hashtag #WeAreProudOfYou5SOS was trending.

"Why would I walk away from them just because of an article?" says one typical tweet from a user called 5SOS Outsider.

Others questioned whether the interview was genuine, with one fan asking, "Did you hear The boys say that? No. Is there video evidence? No." Although another tweet from Taylor added, "Objectifying women isn't cool. That article better be fake."

There's silence on the official 5SOS Twitter account - although Michael Clifford's posted: "I hate when people include everything in an article EXCEPT the reason we're a band; the fans."

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