Twitter users take to Twitter to have a go at new heart 'likes' on Twitter

Twitter hashtag and heart

So on Tuesday Twitter decided to ditch the star symbol and replace it with a heart.

The social media firm says it has made the change because the star can be confusing to new users and the heart is more universally known around the globe.

Before the change, clicking the star meant a tweet was a favourite. Now clicking the heart means you like a tweet.

But some Twitter users REALLY aren't happy with the change. So they took to Twitter.

Last month Twitter launched a new feature called Moments to make it easier to see the day's biggest and best stories.

The push to make Twitter simpler comes from co-founder Jack Dorsey, who was named the permanent chief executive last month.

Not everyone seemed to care though about the heart symbol replacing the star.

And these users want functions that aren't on Twitter at the moment.

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