Is this Coldplay's A Head Full of Dreams cover?

Coldplay have posted a silent animation, with no caption which sees the colours of the rainbow spinning around the above design.

If you're not an avid fan - it could just seem like frontman Chris Martin's slipped up.

But the post, combined with previous clues about their upcoming sixth studio album, could mean there's more to it and it's their new album cover.

So if you've missed any of the updates, here's what we know so far.

The name

Chris Martin and Zane Lowe

Back in December last year Chris Martin told Zane Lowe, while he was still on Radio 1, that the band are working on a brand new album called A Head Full of Dreams.

He made the announcement after Magic was officially voted Radio 1's Hottest Record of 2014.

The release date (maybe)

London-based Coldplay fans have spotted an identical design, which seems to be based on the so-called "flower of life" with the date 4 December written at the bottom.

There's been no official word from the band so it might be the album release date.

It could be a single release, or maybe a tour announcement, but based on their latest post it's fairly likely to be a date linked with Coldplay.

They have a new track called Amazing Day

Chris Martin
Image caption Chris Martin's T-shirt showing a similar image to one the band posted online

During their set at Global Citizen Festival in New York in September the band played a song called Amazing Day.

Again, it's not been confirmed it'll feature on the album but it's not too out there to suggest it might be on the track listing.

And we might be reading too much into it - but Chris Martin was wearing a T-shirt with a version of the flower of life logo on stage.

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