Candy Crush Facebook invitations are on the way out

Candy Crush icons

Mark Zuckerberg says he is finding a "solution" to all those unwanted invitations to play Candy Crush on Facebook.

It's all thanks to a question put to him at a Townhall Q&A in India.

"I don't want any more invitations to Candy Crush. How can I stop it?" asked someone on his Facebook post advertising the event.

When the question was read out at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, it also attracted cheers.

"This is where these Town Hall Q&As are really useful because I actually saw this question, that it was the top voted question on my thread," said Zuckerberg.

"So I sent a message to the person who runs the team in charge of our developer platform and I said by the time I do this Town Hall Q&A, I think it would be good if we had a solution to this problem."

Hands holding a phone with Candy Crush loaded on it

He was told there there were "some tools that are kind of outdated" which allow users to send invitations to people who have already received the requests in the past and those who "don't play games on Facebook".

Zuckerberg added: "We hadn't prioritised shutting that down because we just had other priorities but if this is the top thing that people care about then we'll prioritise that and we'll do it.

"So we're doing it."

There are no more details on how and when the changes will come into play.

King, the makers of Candy Crush, have yet to comment on Facebook's plans.

During the Townhall Q&A Zuckerberg also spoke about the future of the Oculus Rift virtual reality system and his plans for Facebook's "free mobile data" scheme.

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