Record number of users Shazam Adele's new single Hello in 24 hours


More than two people every second were Shazaming Adele's new single Hello in the 24 hours after its release.

That's a total of 200,000, a record for the music recognition app and tells us one of two things:

Either 200,000 people didn't recognise Adele's voice when they heard it or 200,000 people wanted to save the song to download.

It could be a sign she's on course to bag another No. 1 when The Official Chart is revealed on Radio 1 on Friday.

Shazam recognises music being played near your phone and then provides the user with details of the track's title and artist.

"No single has ever been Shazamed so much in its first day," Daniel Danker, the company's Chief Product Officer told Newsbeat.

The opening seconds of the song (when she sings the word "hello") became iconic almost straight away when the single was first played on Radio 1 last week.

The record label obviously believed most people would instantly recognise Adele's voice too.

That's why they teased the first few seconds of the song, unannounced, during an ad break on the X Factor a week before the song was unveiled.

Shazam figures

The fact the song would have received a massive amount of radio plays in the first day, we can assume, means more fans had the opportunity to Shazam it as well.

But as Newsbeat reported last month, Shazam is now a powerful tool shaping the music industry.

The data it collects allows record labels to understand what songs are generating the most interest.

No single has ever been Shazamed so much in its first day
Daniel Danker

Shazam exclusively provided Newsbeat with graphics it uses to understand Adele's popularity.

The first shows the countries where her music is searched for the most. The US comes top of the list:

A graph shows Adele is Shazamed in the US more than anywhere else

Rolling In the Deep, from Adele's last album, 21, has been searched for 6.7 million times on the app.

Rolling in the Deep is Adele's most Shazamed song of all time

The figures show the cities where Adele's music is searched for the most. Los Angeles tops the list.

It could be useful information when planning advertising campaigns, personal appearances and concert dates.

Los Angeles is the worlds Adele hotspot

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