That big rat on Facebook is not from the London Underground

Big rat held on a stick

That picture of a big rat which is trending on Facebook is not from the London Underground.

In fact, the image was shared back in July by the German publication Bild.

They said the man who discovered the rat is called Rick Kobel and he claimed the perspective of the picture is misleading and the rat wasn't that big.

When it trended in June and July this year, people claimed it had been found in Dortmund but Mr Kobel said it was actually caught in Duisburg, Germany.

The German caption reads: "If you are afraid of mice, you shouldn't look at this picture."

Mr Kobel said the rat was actually about 30cm long and weighed approximately two kilos.

People around the UK have once again been sharing the image this week after one Facebook user said the rat had been "caught on the London Underground near Wapping".

He added: "Enjoy your train journey people."

Animals such as mice and even pigeons can be seen on the British capital's travel network.

But, this time at least, no-one has discovered a metre-long rat.

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