Twitter polling is being made available to everyone

Twitter Polls

Twitter has announced that it is making its polling feature available to all users.

It is rolling out the ability to create polls over the coming days, which means you'll soon be able to ask the public anything you want.

For now the poll will be open for 24 hours and you'll only be able to offer a choice of two answers.

"You can vote on any poll, and how you voted is not shared publicly," says Twitter in a statement on its blog.

Two phones showing Twitter feeds

Suggestions for polls you might want to do include "what to name your dog, who will win tonight's game [and] which election issue people care most about".

Until now only selected users have been able to create polls.

Other ways of getting people to vote have included tallying favourites and retweets to find out which option is more popular.

Polls have also been created using hashtags or by tracking replies.

"Over the next few days, we're rolling out the ability to create polls on iOS, Android, and on desktop," says Twitter.

Once you see the poll icon (which looks like a pie chart) in the compose box, you'll be able to create your own questions and answers.

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