The search for Europe's missing child refugees

Missing Syrian boy, Azam

The Twitter hashtag #FindAzam has been used by thousands of people across Europe.

They're trying to help track down a five-year-old Syrian boy after he was shown badly injured in a BBC Panorama programme.

It's thought he may have been travelling without his mum or dad.

He's one of the many thousands of children who've arrived in Europe this year, running away from war and persecution.

Unicef says 110,000 children asked for asylum in Europe in the first six months of this year.

In the chaos, many get split up from their families.

Others make the dangerous journey alone and their parents are now desperately trying to find them.

#FindAzam graphic

Many are using Facebook to help the search. Here are some of the faces of the missing...

Photo of missing girl Mena Falah Hassan
Missing Afghan boys Selha and Jawde
Image caption These brothers from Afghanistan, Jawde (14) and Selha (8) lost their parents in Macedonia during the fight between police and refugees. The family wanted to go in Germany. Their father's name is Golmsakie

Special Facebook groups have been set up in places like Greece, which is where so many refugees first arrive.

Missing boy Husan Alddin Hamid

The photos are posted by families and also charities and volunteers who are trying to help the refugees.

Photo of missing Iraqi brothers and sisters aged between 7 and 13
Image caption The message next to this photo says: Alaa Riyadh (from Iraq) was travelling with her daughter Aaya Aqeel (13) and her sons Ahmed Aqeel (11) and Sajjad Aqeel (7). Their boat capsized near the Greek island of Samos, and Alaa Riyadh was rescued by the Greek Coastguard. They have now been missing since 12 September and there's no news
Missing girl Zainab Rasheedi

The Missing Children Europe federation says up to half of the unaccompanied children placed in certain European reception centres vanish within 48 hours.

The federation claims some run away, while others fall victim to kidnapping, trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Missing children Araz Abdallah, 5, Masud Abdallah, 10 and Rama Abdallah, 5
Image caption Alali Hassan has been looking for his three children for a year. He lost them in Serbia. Their names, from left to right are Araz Abdallah (5) Masud Abdallah (10) and Rama Abdallah (5)
A missing boy
Image caption This boy is missing in Hungary. The message next to this photo simply says: "This boy lost his family last night at Nyugati station last night. He's now in Nyugati transit zone

Just occasionally, there is the odd ray of hope. Look at the last comment on the right hand side...

Missing children Raniya and Abbas who seem to have been reunited with their family

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