Thousands of Nasa Apollo mission photos uploaded online


Thousands of photos taken by Apollo astronauts on moon missions are now online.

Around 13,000 scans of images from Nasa's archives, taken across ALL manned Apollo missions between 1961 and 1972 have been given to founder of the Project Apollo Archive Kipp Teague.

He told Newsbeat "serious budget cuts" mean the organisation doesn't have the resources to publish them.

So he's done it for them, astronaut selfies and all. Enjoy.

apollo 9
Image caption The crew of Apollo 9 begin a spacewalk
Apollo 12 Hasselblad image from film magazine 49/Z - EVA-2
Image caption This was taken during the Apollo 12 mission - the second to land on the moon's surface
Apollo 17
Image caption The Apollo 17 command module above the moon's surface
Apollo 15
Image caption ...and this is the lunar module a few hours after take-off during 1971's Apollo 15 mission

Kipp launched the gallery in 1999, but following questioning about decisions to edit some images in the past, he was prompted to post unedited, high-resolution images this time around.

He said: "Many times over the years I've been asked if I can make them available in a more user-friendly way.

Inside an Apollo spacecraft
Image caption Once this was hi-tech
Apollo 9
Image caption Literally a window on the world - here's a peek inside Apollo 9

"I felt it was time to get the full resolution, unprocessed versions out there," he told Newsbeat.

The final images were collected over the last "four or five yeas" and range from Earth and moon orbits to iconic shots of moonwalks.

There are currently around 8,500 images in the gallery but Kipp hopes to have all 13,000 shots by the end of this week.

Moon shot from apollo 8
Image caption Up close to the moon's surface
Apollo 17
Image caption Number 17 was the last manned Apollo mission to the moon
apollo 11 having left its mark
Image caption From the window of Apollo 11 the first human footprints on the moon can be seen clearly

Kipp said he didn't expect the gallery to be as popular.

"I guess it means that appetite [for space history] is still there, and it's worldwide."

He added that although it's hard to pick one as a favourite, he was "struck by one image I had never seen before which was of the dark surface of the moon with the earth setting in the distance behind it".

Earth from Apollo 11
Image caption A weather system on Earth watched by the crew onboard Apollo 11
apollo 11
Image caption Earth peeps across the moon's horizon. It's known as an 'earthset' or 'earthrise'
This is an "Earthset", as photographed by the crew of Apollo 17 during lunar orbit. It's one of Kipp's favourites
Image caption This is an "Earthset", as photographed by the crew of Apollo 17 during lunar orbit. It's one of Kipp's favourites

The gallery is something Kipp launched in conjunction with Eric Jones' Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, which he describes as "the bible of the Apollo missions".

apollo 17
Image caption If Instagram was around in the 1970s, the guys on the Apollo missions would have been kings. Taylor who?
Neil Armstrong after the landing
Image caption This is Neil Armstrong after the landing

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