How to stop your Apple Music automatic subscription (if you want to)

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Back in June, Apple Music was born.

The music streaming and radio service had the advantage over competitors like Spotify because it appeared on millions of devices through an upgrade.

It was free for the first three months, and initially Apple didn't plan to pay royalties. Taylor Swift threatened to remove her music from the service though, and the company agreed to pay artists during the trial period.

But it won't have cost you a penny - until now.

And there's been quite a bit of chat on social media about how to unsubscribe before the end of the month.

Taylor Swift

And whether you're loving the service or not, there's good chance you may have forgotten that you entered your bank details when you signed up, ready for the paid subscription to start of 30 September.

Here's how to stop the automatic monthly payments. Only if you want to of course.

1. Go to your Apple Music profile

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Launch Apple Music and tap the user icon in the upper left. It's the circle with a silhouette in it.

2. View Apple ID

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Once you're on the account page, scroll down a bit and tap View Apple ID. You'll then have to enter your Apple ID password.

3. Manage subscriptions

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You should now be on the Account Settings page. Go down to the Subscriptions section and tap the Manage button.

4. Turn off auto-renewal

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You'll then see a list of your subscriptions. You'll see when your free trial ends, as well as the green switch for auto-renewal.

5. Are you sure?

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It'll then ask you if you want to turn off the auto-renewal. You can always go back and turn on auto-renewal if you decide that you want an Apple Music membership.

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