Pope Francis emojis launched for US visit

Pope emojis

Pope Francis draws huge crowds wherever he goes and now his fans can share their admiration with papal emojis.

A new keyboard app is being released to mark the Pope's upcoming visit to America.

You can have the Pope balancing a basketball or riding a taxi (although we suspect he'd prefer his Popemobile).

They're among 52 emojis and 14 GIFs in the app from Swyft Media, the company which created the first ginger emojis.

Pope emojis

Pope Francis is making his first trip to the United States on 22 September.

He's set to meet US President Barack Obama at the White House and give a talk at the United Nations.

Pope Francis

The 78-year-old was born in Argentina and became the Pope in March 2013.

He has nine official Twitter accounts - each in a different language - with a total of more than 20 million followers.

One advantage of papal emojis is they don't need any translation :)

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