Harry Styles proves he's a stickler for good grammar

Harry holding up the correctly spelt sign

There might be an easy way to get Harry Styles to spot you when you're at a One Direction gig.

Make a mistake on your homemade banner.

That's what happened to 1D fan Taelor Ford who wrote "Hi Harry, your so nice".

Harry noticed the grammar mistake and corrected it himself.

Taelor Ford
Image caption Taelor Ford says she was just so glad her sign was noticed by One Direction

Sixteen-year-old Taelor told Newsbeat: "He asked for a pen and for security to bring the sign to him.

"He fixed the spelling, he changed the "your" to "you're" and then he signed it, 'thank you, love Harry.'"

It happened at the band's gig in Philadelphia.

"I actually wasn't embarrassed at all, I was kind of happy that I misspelt it.

"I'm not really good at English at all. But I'm just so happy one of them noticed the sign," explained Taelor.

Poster says "Hi Harry, you're so nice"
Image caption The poster after it was corrected by Harry on stage

The poster with the words written in thick black pen, complete with Harry's autograph, is now hanging on her bedroom wall.

"I don't want to touch it any more after the concert."

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