Jermain Defoe wants a PA... jobs include sorting out bonfire night

Jermaine defoe

Premier League footballer Jermain Defoe wants a new personal assistant.

The advert underlines the type of tasks you'd expect from "a highly experienced Executive Personal Assistant".

If you're thinking of applying for the job you'll have to be "on call 24/7", "meet deadlines" and be able to "maintain the highest level of confidentiality".

Oh - and you'll also be expected to stock the fridge and sort out what the Defoes do on bonfire night.

Jermaine defoe
Image caption The new PA will have to make sure Jermain doesn't miss out on any big press opportunities

The day-to-day management of the Sunderland player includes making sure he eats "lunch etc" and picking his outfits for big events.

According to the ad, whoever gets the new job will be responsible for creating "a global brand for the Jermain Defoe name" and making sure his fan base grows across social media.

Jermaine defoe
Image caption The ideal candidate will also be across the striker's social media updates

In the past this has included him tweeting about personalised custard and posing with live lobsters.

If you were to get the job you'd also be tasked with helping to launch a new app alongside "potential projects" including the creation of a new clothing/ fragrance line.

As well as looking after the Sunderland and former England international's meetings, travel arrangements and public appearances the ideal candidate will be tasked with "managing and organising individual family members" including the family pets. It's not listed which animals that might include.

Jermaine defoe
Image caption Making sure he's always looking sharp is also key

Organising social activities, spa days and family events, you know "Mother's Day, Fathers Day, Easter, Black History Month, bonfire night, Christmas, New Year etc" are also on the agenda for the new PA.

Anyone keen on the job will "suit a small office environment" and must make sure the house is ready for Jermain's return when he goes away. This includes making sure the "fridge is stocked and plants [are] watered and [the] house is clean" for his return.

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