One Direction's space-themed Drag Me Down video explained

Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan dressed as astronauts

One Direction have released their first music video without Zayn Malik and it's out of this world, kind of.

Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry play astronauts in their video for Drag Me Down.

Astronauts. Drag Me Down. Gravity. Space. Get it? Anyway, Nasa let 1D film the video at their headquarters in Houston, Texas.

Houston, we do not have a problem. We definitely do not have a problem.

What the UK Space Agency thinks

Libby Jackson, an astronaut flight education programme manager for the UK Space Agency, reviewed the promo for Newsbeat.

"The video is fantastic!

"The guys went out to Nasa's Johnson Space Centre and filmed at their facilities there - so it's a fairly accurate portrayal of some of the elements of human spaceflight.

"It's obviously impossible to fit an entire astronaut's training into a three minute video, but they've certainly given a flavour.

"You see One Direction trying out a prototype Mars rover, which astronauts would need to learn drive for their missions," she said.

Harry Styles and Robonaut enjoying a brew
Image caption Harry Styles and Robonaut enjoying a brew. This robot is currently being tested on the International Space Station.

"They are also seen exercising, which is key to any long duration mission.

They are also seen exercising, which is key to any long duration mission
Libby Jackson
UK Space Agency

"Crew mates on the International Space Station (ISS) have to exercise for two hours every day to counteract the effects of spending a long time in a weightless environment.

"Because there is no loading on your bones and muscles, they weaken and shrink during a long duration mission and exercise helps to counteract this.

"But even when the crew come back to Earth it takes months to get back to full strength.

Mission control offices

"They also show the ground control, which is great - no-one gets to space without a huge team of people behind them, and there are lots of roles in the space industry for people who want to help humans get to Mars.

"One Direction are doing a great job of showcasing what might be next in the world of exploration."

So Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall have the UK Space Agency's approval.

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