Tom Ousby Magaluf death: 'I'll keep fighting for my brother'

Tom Ousby
Image caption Tom Ousby died while working in Magaluf two years ago

"We had an incredible bond. I miss him dearly and I'll keep fighting for him no matter what."

It's two years since Lewis Ousby's brother Tom died after falling from a hotel balcony in Magaluf, Spain.

Tom Ousby was 19 and working there over the summer when his body was found.

Spanish police said it was an accident. But Lewis has always thought there was more to it: "There is definitely something missing. Someone's not speaking."

A UK inquest was opened on Wednesday but adjourned because the coroner felt there wasn't enough evidence.

Tom's mum Lea is hoping that British police will help with the case.

The Metropolitan Police told Newsbeat they're not currently investigating Tom's death.

Tom Ousby's family
Image caption Lewis (right) with his family at Wednesday's inquest

Lewis thinks that Tom was chased shortly before he fell.

"I do believe that something untoward has happened. We wouldn't have taken it this far if we didn't believe so," he told Newsbeat.

"We're obviously going to pursue it, there's no doubt about that, try and get a bit more support, awareness about the case through social media, let people know it's not forgotten, it's not finished.

"We're still trying and any little bit of help or any form of connection with the right people is going to help us massively now."

Lewis says Tom's death has left a "massive void" in the family.

"Tom was my best friend. We used to DJ together, used to go out on weekends together. I paid for his very first phone contract as well.

"He was just one of a kind. I'll never, ever find anyone in this existence who's going to replace him."

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