Diplo wanted Rihanna or Nicki Minaj to sing on Lean On


Diplo says he originally wanted Rihanna or Nicki Minaj to record the vocals to the track Lean On.

It's one of the biggest tracks of the summer and Major Lazer's most commercially successful singles to date.

It charted at number two in the UK, number four in the US and number one in many other countries.

But in an interview with TIME magazine, Diplo said the track nearly wasn't a hit at all.

Major Lazer featuring MØ

The producer and creator of EDM group Major Lazer explained how he first wrote the song with MØ as a slow reggae track.

MØ is a Danish singer-songwriter and apart from a collaboration with Iggy Azelea in 2014 on Beg For It, she was relatively unknown.

So it is perhaps not that much of a surprise that Diplo was looking for bigger names to record the vocals.

He told TIME he'd approached Rihanna and Nicki Minaj to be involved, but they both rejected the track.

Hindsight is a great thing and Diplo has now called their rejection "a blessing in disguise".

Rihanna and Nicki Minaj
Image caption Diplo has revealed both Rihanna and Nicki Minaj turned down his offer to sing on Lean On

"MØ sounds better than anybody was going to sound on that record," he said.

"All we want to do is make the records feel like classics, even though they're feeling progressive and strange to a normal ear."

And it has given the Dane a real boost too.

The success of the track now sees the profile of MØ, whose real name is Karen Marie Ørsted, rising.

She's performed at a string of big international music festivals over the past year and many music publications list her as one to watch.

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