Meet the graduates who end up in jobs that don't need a degree

Silhouette of a graduate

For the majority of those who recently graduated from uni, the stories below are going to feel very familiar.

A new report shows that 58.8% of graduates are in a job that actually doesn't require a degree.

Newsbeat has been inundated with messages from listeners who have found themselves in this situation.

The journalism graduate

"I left with a 2:1 in June 2014, but I'm currently working in tourism," says Melissa.

"My dream job would be working in motorsport communications for a team, but the closest I get to journalism now in my current job is sending tweets and posts on Facebook.

"I regret jumping into a degree. It is oversaturated.

"I think with some media companies they're looking for more experience and sometimes a degree doesn't matter so much."

The fire-fighting student of history

"The closest I've come to using my degree is knowing when the Great Fire of London started," says fire fighter Hannah.

"I think when you're 17 you're too young to decide what you really want to do and you're not quite sure what options are available to you."

But some of those who ended up in a job that didn't need a degree still felt that going to university was worthwhile.

The literary admin worker

"Once upon a time there was a girl who loved English. She loved reading, writing and wanted to be a teacher," says Tyler.

"I studied English literature and creative writing at university and graduated in 2012.

"Since graduating I have worked in the financial sector with my current role being an administrator.

"I do think when you graduate the job market is not reflective of the quantity of graduates that actually are leaving university."

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