'Our arm muscles were burning but we didn’t care' - Radio 1 Ibiza Prom violinist

Radio 1 Ibiza Prom

Everyone's talking about Wednesday night's BBC Prom at the Royal Albert Hall.

That's because the concertos were replaced with some of the club bangers you grew up with to mark 20 years of Radio 1 in Ibiza.

Add in DJ legend Pete Tong, the Heritage Orchestra and a whole load of massive lasers and you have a big show. A very big show.

Kerenza Peacock led the second violins in the performance.

The show started with Fatboy Slim's Right Here, Right Now which is, of course, all about epic strings.

Kerenza Peacock performs in the Heritage Orchestra, Radio 1 Prom
Image caption "I was grinning all the way through," says Kerenza
Laser show at the Royal Albert
Image caption Royal Albert raving

"I wasn't sure I would like the music, then when we started playing at the first rehearsal, I realised I loved all those tunes," Kerenza tells Newsbeat.

She and the orchestra rehearsed for two days before the gig, working on house classics from Frankie Knuckles' Your Love to ATB's 9PM (Till I Come).

Ella Eyre at the BBC Radio 1 Ibiza Prom
Image caption Ella Eyre performed a version of Inner City's Good Life

"It's such good music and sounded incredible on real instruments, as opposed to through my little stereo speakers in the 1990s...

"[Conductor] Jules Buckley's arrangements were fantastic - he's a bit of a genius."

So was it like reliving an epic club night - but in the Royal Albert Hall?

"I never got to go to Ibiza in the 1990s. I was spending too much time doing classical music courses and competitions.

"But it really was like clubland in there - they gave us lasers and dry ice, and the audience really made the club atmosphere as they were on their feet and loving it.

"My most memorable moment was Jules Buckley and Pete Tong getting us to loop the end of Insomnia [originally recorded by Faithless] for so long that our arm muscles were burning... but we didn't care."

Pete Tong at Radio 1's Ibiza Prom

You can watch the full show here on BBC iPlayer: Radio 1 Ibiza Prom

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