The best Pluto memes. Well done, internet

Pluto, on erm, Pluto.

After nine years in space Nasa's New Horizons space probe began sending back images from Pluto - 3.64 billion miles away.

The internet did what it does best - turned complex science into LOLs.

We've had a look at some of the funniest and strangest posts on Twitter.

Firstly, there were the obvious comparisons with Pluto the cartoon dog.

Although some were better than others.

Sci-fi geeks got in on the act, of course. Here's Pluto, Death Star style.

And XKCD, known for it's geeky web comics didn't disappoint.

And this breakthrough in our understanding of the universe was, naturally, another chance for a Miley meme.

Meanwhile, Tinder got slightly bitter.

But most couldn't help notice the large heart shape - and love for the estranged planet started pouring in.

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