WWE's Brie Bella: Husband Daniel Bryan 'will get back in the ring'

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan

WWE Diva Brie Bella has said her husband Daniel Bryan "will get back in the ring".

Bryan's future in wrestling is uncertain after he was forced to take time out for health reasons.

"My husband is stronger than any man I have ever met," Brie told Newsbeat. "There have been some very positive things in his recovery."

In May, Bryan told a crowd that he may not wrestle again - but the exact reasons are unknown.

As a result he was forced to give up the WWE Intercontinental Championship title.

He had previously taken time out because of neck and shoulder injuries.

"I think a lot of people wrestling for 16 years like him would have given up," said Brie. "But not him. He has such a fight in him so I feel you will see him back in that ring.

"I know my husband's dreams. Granted, he's done so much in the wrestling business - and it's not over forever - but it's not supposed to end this way."

Daniel Bryan holding a belt in the air
Brie and Nikki Bella
Image caption Brie and Nikki Bella

Whilst her husband is out of action, Brie is still on the road wrestling with her sister Nikki.

The Bella Twins are two of the biggest WWE Divas in the game.

But Brie's admitted her husband's injuries have been tough on her.

"It hurts when I'm packing my bags and I'm on the road and he's still at home. I just went two weeks without seeing him and that was really hard."

"He needs a lot of prayers. We talk about this daily and he will get back in that ring. That is his goal and I believe in him. I really do."

Brie is back for the fourth season of Total Divas, which follows WWE's biggest female stars.

Total Divas begins on 12 July on E! at 6pm.

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