Ginger emojis are finally here

Swyft Media launch new ginger emojis.

If you've got ginger hair and want to shout about it when sending your mates or loved ones messages, you now can.

An emoji keyboard - just for gingers - has been created.

There was a huge out-cry and even a petition when Apple updated to the latest software iOS 8.3 and failed to include red-headed emojis.

The people behind the petition, Ginger Parrot, claimed Apple was missing out on 138m potential red-head customers.

Tech company, Swyft Media, has created a range of ginger emojis.

Evan Wray, the company's founder, told The Mirror: "There are different memes going around the internet, including one which claims gingers don't have souls.

"This shows a lack of love for people with red hair - and we are trying to fix that. I have felt their pain.

"We're righting the ship for gingers - and then we're going to help anyone else that feels left out."

The Ginger Emoji Keyboard is available on Google Play and will soon be launched on the Apple App Store.

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