The Simpsons say divorce rumours are 'baseless'

The Simpsons
Image caption A scene from the new series of The Simpsons

They are one of TV's longest married couples, but of late there have been rumours that it's divorce-ville for Homer and Marge Simpson.

Not true, says the animated couple.

In a video posted online, called Together Forever, Marge says: "Homie and I are here to address baseless rumours that we are going to split up."

The rumour mill kicked in after Al Jean, one of the original writers of the show, said that there could be a legal separation for the pair.

He made the comments in an interview with Variety magazine, which discussed various future storylines.

Marge and Homer have been married for 26 series of the cult TV show.

In the YouTube post, their first official statement on their marriage, Marge goes on to explain how the story was first reported before news spread around the world.

Homer then goes on to ask why "news media guys can't cover more important things".

"Now listen here, Marjorie and I are as solid as a rock," he adds.

But Al tweeted: "You are playing into our hands."

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