Big Weekend: Mallory Knox say they are 'frazzled' after constant touring

Mikey Chapman from Mallory Knox

Fresh off stage, Mallory Knox told Newsbeat the Norwich crowd made them feel very welcome after months of touring abroad.

Lead singer Mikey summed up his feeling as "my brain's a bit frazzled".

"It was amazing, it was so good. We're so happy to have been invited down and have had such an awesome welcome and stuff. It's been great."

Bass guitarist Sam Douglas told Newsbeat playing at this Big Weekend meant quite a lot to them.

"For us it's only an hour down the road," he said. "We've been in America for the last two or three months.

"So to come down and play a show just an hour down the road is like a home coming. It was really good."

The guys were planning on kicking back and enjoying the rest of the day's festivities and are hoping to stay for the weekend to catch some more music.

"Now that we're done and we're going to get some press and stuff out of the way then boom, it's all about the music.

"Ben Howard's on both of our lists, isn't he?" asked Mickey.

But one thing the band did wonder about was, who put them on the bill to follow Snoop Dogg?

"Snoop's gone already, has he? I wanted the whole selfie with Snoop but that's not going to happen is it?

"No," laughed Mickey. "Never mind, it's all good though. We got close to his greatness, which was fantastic. And to follow Snoop Dogg is like, who billed that?

"That's the most nerve wracking thing ever. It's ridiculous."

For the final summation of their set and the day ahead, we left that to Mickey.

"We're done now, the sun's out. I know we've got a bottle of whisky in the changing room. Today's going to be good. Today's going to be very good."

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