YouTube: 10 years of cute cats, vloggers and hits

Image caption Gangnam Style, the hit by Korea pop star Psy, became the first video to hit two billion views on YouTube

Happy Birthday YouTube - you are 10 years old.

We know it's hard to imagine a time without vloggers and cute pets, but there was and since then we've come a long way.

Here's Newsbeat's guide to the top 10 YouTube video categories which we think best represent the last 10 years.

But first, check out the video which started everything on 23 April 2005 - uploaded to the site by its co-founder Jawed Karim. It's had 23,483,250 views.


We can't and we mean, are unable to function without them. But, changing a light bulb, really?

There really is help out there for any household or clothing-related issue you might be having.

Game cheats

Playing by the rules is so overrated.

Fitness videos

We don't need to slog it out at the gym any more.

Cookery tutorials

Need help in the kitchen? There are cookery tutorials on everything from making bunny-shaped cakes to boiling an egg. We know.

Beauty vlogs

Bedroom beauty gurus are watched by millions of people.

Gross-out videos

Who knew there were so many ways of squeezing blackheads and pus from the human body?


YouTube has played a part in building the careers of many artists including Ed Sheeran, FKA Twigs and Justin Bieber.

Citizen journalism

Anyone can now upload videos directly from the frontline of the action wherever it's happening.

Cute animals

217,184,939 people have watched a cute baby panda sneezing.


Charlie Bit My Finger was filmed and uploaded by the boys' dad eight years ago and has clocked up more than 800 million views since then.

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