Classic Nokia Snake game is back for smartphones

Snake Rewind

Miss playing Snake on your Nokia 6110, if you had one?

Well, the classic game is being brought back for smartphones by its original creator.

Taneli Armanto, who created the version for Nokia, is working with a developer called Rumilus Design to create an app known as Snake Rewind.

The game will be released for iOS, Android and Windows Phone next Thursday.

It keeps the basic concept and some of the look and feel of the original game but players will be able to rewind the snake after it has crashed, as well as being able to collect new bonuses, power ups and unlocking extra levels.

Snake Rewind

The app will feature "many different types of special fruit" which can be purchased through a "fruit store".

The website suggests it will be free to download but cost to upgrade.

Snake Rewind

Finnish developer Taneli Armanto first brought Snake to Nokia's 6110 handset in 1997.

He worked at the company for nearly 16 years before leaving in 2011.

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