Delivery driver stabbed but still manages to deliver pizza

Josh on his bike

A delivery driver in America who was stabbed in the back as he went to drop off a pizza still managed to deliver his takeaway.

Josh Lewis, 25, has told colleagues that he was followed by a car and someone jumped out, stabbed him and stole his vehicle.

Newsbeat has spoken to a friend of the driver who said that he was out of surgery and "doing good".

The attack happened at 2:30pm on Monday in Louisville, Kentucky.

Spencer Grizz is a shift manager at the delivery driver's shop and has told Newsbeat that Josh is a "tough kid" and will be fine.

He said that Josh suffered a collapsed lung as the blade stuck in his chest cavity.

However, he said his colleague was lucky that he was delivering to someone at a hospital.

After being stabbed he walked into the building, asked for the food to be given to the person who ordered it and was then taken to another local emergency unit.

Spencer Grizz told Newsbeat that he had been chatting to his friend on Facebook and organised for pizza to be taken to him in hospital.

The delivery driver that took it to him said he was making a good recovery and "will be fine".

Josh is not from Kentucky and his family are on their way from Detroit to be with him.

The pizzeria he works for, Spinellis Downtown, is having a special fundraiser for him and says they will do all they can to help.

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