The fembot called Yangyang who can talk and move

Yangyang robot woman

A new female robot called Yangyang, who can shake your hand and accept a hug, has been unveiled in China.

Dressed in a long red coat, the android can move its head, raise its hands and speak.

She is the latest advancement in robotics that are becoming all-too-human.

The machine was produced at the Yangyang Intelligent Robot Science Service Centre and gave a demonstration at a conference.

Yangyang robot woman
Image caption Yangyang was created to get young people interested in robotics

"I was born in Japan but grew up in China," Yangyang told the audience in Beijing, aimed at getting younger people interested in robotics.

Yangyang was a joint project between Japanese robot guru Hiroshi Ishiguro and Shanghai robotics professor, Song Yang, who was the model for the robot.

Song's daughter, Yang Haunting, was the inspiration behind the fembot's name.

But it seems not everyone is comfortable with the technological advancement.

Yangyang shaking hands
Image caption A University of California study found the more human-like robots are, the more uncomfortable humans are with them

A study by researchers at the University of California, San Diego, earlier in the decade found a chemical reaction in our brain which means the more humanlike a robot's appearance, the more disturbing we find them.

Earlier this month, an android called ChihiraAico was installed as a receptionist at a department store in Tokyo.

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