Lianne La Havas inspired by Jamaica on new album Blood

Lianne La Havas

Lianne La Havas says her new album, Blood, was inspired by a trip to Jamaica with her mum.

Speaking to Annie Mac on Radio 1, the 25-year-old said the holiday got her thinking about where she comes from and her background.

Unstoppable is the first track from the new album, which is out on 31 July.

Lianne La Havas said she was "more excited than probably ever" after it was chosen as Annie's Hottest Record in the World.

Lianne said she wrote Unstoppable with a friend of hers, the producer Paul Epworth, who's collaborated with several big names including Adele, Florence and the Machine, Coldplay, Cee Lo Green and Bloc Party.

Paul Epworth and Adele
Image caption Paul Epworth won the Academy Award for best original song for Skyfall with Adele in 2013

"We had a really really wonderful time making it.

"The subject is a bit emotionally led, as is a lot of my music... it's about getting back together with an ex-partner and relating it to celestial speak, and the galaxy, to give it a bit of imagery."

Blood is the follow-up to Lianne's first album, Is Your Love Big Enough? and is out in the next few months.

"I went on a trip with my mum and it was the first time I'd ever been there."

Lianne told Annie Mac she was raised by her Jamaican grandparents, and the trip, "just kind of unexpectedly got me thinking about my culture and where I come from."

Lianne La Havas

Her father's Greek and she went to Greece as a child so she said it was only logical to go to Jamaica.

"I came back with a whole new sense of understanding of who I am, why I like what I like, I met all the family I never knew I had and Jamaica itself is beautiful."

She said Blood grew out of the experiences she had travelling.

"I learned a lot there and it was kind of sowing seeds for what became the second album."

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